Peppermint Paddy

Fantastic station – especially Rick

M Noonan

TNT is my only radio station nowadays. Totally enjoying Hrvoje Moric, Shannon Joy and so many others … thanks for this amazing uncensored truth disseminating service. It’s brilliant and I’m telling everyone to tune in.


My now go too talk radio station and adding Katie H to the line up of great presenters was a genius move.


Absolutely love TNT…best station out there by far, listen as much as I can, fantastic honest analysis, real range of subjects with excellent interviews and humour. Just don’t stop we need you!!!


All that TNT Radio provides is great and a wake up call to all the sheeple. Anytime I mention what the hell is going on, I am mainly ignored by family members. Funny that, LOL to “The Heads in the People!” Jeremy, Jerm Warefare, I listen to all your broadcasts on Spotify for TNT, as well as many other TNT Hosts, You are magic with honesty. Thank you and Thank You Mike Ryan and Ted Steele, Judy Wilyman, Elizabeth Hart, DragonSlayers trio – ALL straight speakers with critical processing and output! Deeply appreciated big time! Please keep providing all your knowledge on our current diabolical govts/organisations/payed for ngos/individuals who want to eliminate humanity. The people in this world needs to know. No need to get back to me, just keep on doing what you are doing, speak the truth.

Larry Robson

TNT is so good at building solidarity and a sense of community lead by honest and intelligent talking heads. I’m very very grateful for your service Thank you.


Just found you radio show and loving it!

Podbean Comment

RE War of the Worlds – I just have to say that I am over the moon you two wonderful guys have teamed up to educate the people with the real truth about the world. I personally thankyou so. 👍


Love, Love TNT Radio!!
Keeps me sane & up to date, you do amazing work, thank you!!


Bravo Elsa Schieder on her rationale on vegetarianism! … Thanks again for the wide ranging topics covered on TNT❤️


I love TNT. Thanks.


keep up the awesome work!!! God bless you all

TNT radio is my daily

TNT radio is my daily radio. The best i’ve ever listened to. High quality journalism and interviews. Spread the word about it around you and afar. Thank you so much TNT radio!

Constant Listener

Wayne Sullivan

Welcome to Chris Smith. My many friends and I are so totally excited about Chris Smith coming to TNT Radio. We have already suggested to our thousands of connections that this is where you can come for insightful, independent, and entertaining discussions…


Finally a media that speaks the truth … TNT Radio thank you … I absolutely love listening in.


Fabulous- my go to for not only a dose of sanity but to get up to date news in a climate of misinformation being peddled. Great eclectic hosts and diverse topics. I am so thankful to have stumbled across this platform. It really is lighting the fuse for freedom and great geopolitical analysis!!!


…Thank you TNT Radio for putting together an excellent organisation that let’s me spread the word to my 23000+ followers in 44 countries around the world, many of whom live in countries where Freedom of the Media is a joke. Keep up the progress of your magnificent approach to journalism!!

Norma D.K.

Finally an honest broadcasting station!!


Best news station in the world. Goodbye cnn,fox news and msnbc. Listen all the time.

Greg Osborne

This is the best thing ever. Good job!!!


I’m listening from New Zealand and am very greatful for your coverage of local affairs . The real light in the darkness. Tnt plays constantly here and the variety of hosts is a triumph 😁


Best radio. True journalism is basically non existing. You are one of the bravest people in times like this. My biggest Thank you to you.

Barry Kurtz

I am in the USA in the Mountain Time zone and TNT Radio is what I listen to 99 percent of the time. Cheers to you and your station programmers. I am so happy to have information from TNT that I cannot get anywhere else. Bless you.

David K.

love you all on TNT keep it up angels


I’m really enjoying using the TNT app and came across it through Malcolm Roberts’ show … it’s a brilliant concept and much appreciated to be able to listen live.

Andrew James

What a wonderful new and reliable news outlet. Patrick is the star of the geopolitical scene and is now completely unmissable. Thank you.

Philip C

Dear all at TNT,

In 2021, I ‘ditched’ my TV and stopped listening to general radio because of the BS that was being spun every second!

Through loving what Patrick Hennisen speaks about on UK Column News and his  21st Century Wire show, I followed him to this amazing radio station very soon after launching. Well done for producing such brilliant radio! This is the future where free speech is the benchmark. The diversity of presenters is amazing and I feel as if I am in the company of caring friends during the course of the day.

Thank you for giving humanity this amazing truth and the ability to ‘see where the truth lies’. There are millions of us who know what is happening and in our own way, every day, we stand up and promote freedom and truth, just like you.

Best wishes,

Philip C


I’m in London, and so grateful to have found this channel via a link on a Telegram comment. It’s the only news I listen to, the presenters are excellent and it’s so reassuring to have this resource to educate and reaffirm against all the propaganda. Luckily I stumbled across TNT a short while ago, but but wonder how you could promote your existence – I have recommended you to a few awake friends. Thank you 🙏

Jon Reynolds

I am located in northern Wisconsin, central time zone, just sayin’. TNT is unique yet relevant with voices that are easy on the ears. I especially have been enjoying the morning show, and its UK perspective. Great job all around gang!


Katie Hopkins suggested that she was working for yourselves, so being a firm favourite I tuned in and was brain washed straight away. Have passed the details of this great station through my email contacts and know that some have already taken you up. Not bad for two days work.


I LOVE TNT radio! You are an important contributor to the awakening of our planet!


You people are doing a fantastic job please keep it up! Spread far and wide! From Western NSW Jacq

Geraldine Mannion

best alternative Media out there

Chris h

Been looking for a radio station like this for awhile. So sick of the propaganda filled MSM news outlets!


TNT RADIO IS BRILLIANT… Your the only radio broadcaster that tells the truth👍


Don’t know how I found TNT Radio about 2 months ago but since I did, I listen all day/night! 🙂 You have the MOST intelligent hosts who present the most intelligent guests and who ALL talk about the most important subjects! I LOVE TNT Radio! Keep up the great work! 🙂

Neil Rivers

Firstly, kudos for what you have created. Hugely need, and globally appreciated. Beaming in from the SW of Scotland, and regularly … Patrick is a legend, Rick is entrawling, Hrvoje Morić is fantastic, Sky Dragon Slaying guys are excellent, Jason is a big thumbs up. Love the other climate guys, especially Mark Morano, and the weather dude, ‘enjoy the weather, ‘cos it’s the only weather you’ve got’. Best one liner I’ve heard. Thank you for TNT, Mike, you will go down in history, for all of the right reasons.

Bob Paine

Just saw a link to this site on Lara Logan’s Twitter so I’m here to check it out and become a donating user soon.
l’m leaving a 5 star review for the effort and concept of live truth being streamed.


Thanks and great conversations all the time TNT

Damien S.

Excellent & informative! Really enjoyed the guests and host.

Andrea H

Just discovered this radio station
I REALLY want to play this not stop out loud in my house
But it would destroy my woke partner of 26 years
So it’s me with earphones smiling A LOT


So stoked to discover you and have been listening hard out since I did. Very greatful for the Aus/NZ content, thank you. Bless yous all there.


TNT Team, Thanks again for your great efforts revealing truth and reality…listening to TNT and completely turning off mainstream (especially ABC which at times made me nauseous) has restored my “sanity” or at least a sense of being part of a larger community of people capable of normal rational critical thinking.

Amanda from Dublin

I only found this station a couple of day’s ago and it’s been so good for my mental health because we’re surrounded by MSM propaganda and it’s been so draining because I was constantly angry but listening to your station I have so much hope and it’s really calming, thank you so much, Amanda from Dublin, Ireland.

Podbean Comment

War of the Worlds – I’m following you guys everywhere. And now I’m blessed to have this weekly pod with my fav guys together . Spoilt Spoilt me. Again thankyou so. 👍


I have TNT Radio on constantly so glad I found it. Best radio I’ve ever listen too.


Love this station!!!! Wow amazing

Philip Nolan

Absolutely 💯 love TNT live. Listen everyday on podcast! … I tell everyone about this great information channel. Keep up the great work guys… you are a shining light in the darkness.


Thank you so much to all the presenters and eclectic topics. Finding this station has been so good as it makes me feel connected to a great community worldwide. The calibre of presenters is top notch. I live in Sydney Australia and i listen all day!!


I listen to tnt radio a lot and I love this platform, thank you! … All the best TNT. Keep doing what you’re doing

Di R.

Finally a station that tells the real stories without the bullshit!

Anthony A

I love TNT Radio!!

Dave Clark

Chris Smith is back and bigger and better than ever, his opinions are always accurate and thought provoking !

We love you Chris, keeping it real as always mate !


🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇So grateful to have TNT. A wide range of perspectives, uncensored, so I’m able to think for myself 😇. A real luxury today. Thank you Mike and team. ❣️

Pauline Barns

Keep up the good work TNT !!

Yanek Zawistowski

Best Free speech radio ever. Years ago while living in communist Poland I used to listen to radio station from London (in polish) called Free Europe (one could have been arrested and prosecuted for that) now while living in Australia most MSM is full of censorship and propaganda not much different to communist one so TNT is like fresh breeze again.

Peter Brown

The best radio station in the world love it

J. Bartle QLD

Thanks for a great station!


Great radio! Enjoying Jerms shows especially!

Holly Rey-Hayes

Great show, all Guests are fun and Informative. Keep it going!


Bravo TNT Radio!! You’re my sanity saver


Thanks Mike for your shout out to my feedback. Your radio station is a major spearhead for truthful hard hitting journalism empowering us all in the fight against global tyranny. Bravo TNT!!

Ayensu T.

I think it’s not only about the truth from TNT but also valuable information that can help generations after generations..

Mark from Botany

Smithy. It’s so good to hear you back on air again. You are a fantastic broadcaster and it’s so good to hear your views that other main stream stations won’t won’t touch. Keep up the good work.
Dedicated listener.

John King

I recently discovered TNT and it has saved my sanity. A wonderful, bright island of open debate amidst a dark, toxic ocean of deception and manipulation. Keep up the great fight for truth and freedom.


Great app and fantastic radio station.

Jean F.

This is fantastic, look forward to hearing more


So pleased to have found you guys. American voices like yours are tough to locate these days and all the more valuable for it. You’ve replaced the BBC on my home screen. A grateful Englishman in Spain.

John NYC

TNT is arguably one of the leading, if not THE leading alternative news platforms on the planet today. I love the measured, informed, insightful, and courageous commentary of Patrick Henningsen, Jesse Zurawell, and other presenters. Not to mention TNT’s great guests that offer a wealth of diverse opinions and perspectives. Also, kudos to the announcer behind the great, penetrating and affirmative voice at the beginning of each show. That guy is a lesson on how to ground an audience in less than three seconds. Keep up the great work!


Excellent talk back … well done, whoever set this up deserves a medal!


I just wanted to say a big thanks to TNT. I live in the UK and found you at the start of the year. I listen everyday while working. Your presenters & guests are all very informative & so interesting. TNT really is a godsend, in a world full of mind numbing propaganda, wokeness & madness. I particularly like listening in to Jason Q Citizens & Friends, Rick Munn, Jessie Zerwell & Patrick Henningsen. Keep on keeping on thanks again.


Fantastic….finally real news!
Excellent and informative!
Really enjoyed the guests and host.
Keep it up TNT…..get the truth out there!

Big D

Check out Ross Cameron, he has been a delight to listen to for years. Understands logic and reason and applies it to his perspectives with creative prose.

Big D


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