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TNT Radio – Today’s News Talk – Lighting the Fuse for Freedom.

The only 24/7 online news talk station dedicated to freedom globally.

From powerful Information Operations that determine how the public thinks about COVID-19 and the Ukrainian/Russian War, to the persecution of Julian Assange, TNT Radio covers the biggest topics of our time.

Get up to speed with the latest live news and current affairs presented by a host of credible and expert commentators who can separate fact from fiction, truth from propaganda.

TNT Radio discusses a wide range of topics including Climate Crisis, Pandemics, Covid19 Malfeasance, Big Tech Censorship, Digital Control, Government Tyranny, Corruption, Propaganda, Democracy.

We invite you to listen and follow TNT Radio in our quest to make a difference.

Our sound is superior, and we promise listening that is challenging, opinionated, honest, punchy, relevant, and often entertaining – we will not follow the mainstream media narrative.

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